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This product is definitely true to its name!

If you are looking for softness look no further !! If you are looking for locked-in moisture look no further!!! If you are looking for versatility look no further!!! Your skin will not only look better or feel better it will glow better...

One of the most important things for us while making this scrub was versatility, so we came up with a recipe that offers consistency which will allow you to use our product anywhere on your body.


How to Apply:

1:Wet Skin a little

2:Take a dime size amount add water and alter in hand

3:Apply to wet skin

4: leave on for 10-15 minutes

5: Scrub and rinse away.

Easy like 1,2,3!!! (Repeat steps if you like )

Suggested usage amount 2-3 times weekly or daily if need be

It's recommended to do an allergy test between elbows.


Ingredients: All ingredients used in the making of this product are natural and organic Key Ingredients: coconut oil ,grape seed oil, turmeric ,granulated sugar

Keep in mind if you want to wholesale batch please feel free to contact us.

Dm us on ig:islandcupid and get a response within minutes.

Baby Smooth Body / Face Scrub

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